BAM GUM AYEGH was established as the first "waterproofing membrane" manufacturerin northwest region of Iran in 1997. The company built its first manufacturing unit with partnership of stakeholders in a land with 20,000 square meter of area and continued to extend its business by launching a "Polyester Fiber" plant in 2010.

BAM GUM AYEGH, as a part of its plan for continuous development, purchased "Nonwoven Spunbond Polyester" production line from Germany and installed and launched it with its own resources in 2011. Launching of this production line was a great achievement and named as National Project as it was the first production line of its kind in middle-east.

Company's "Bitumen Refinery", with production capacity of 300,000 metric ton per year, was established and launched in 2010. This refinery uses latest technology to refine Vacuum Bottom and produce various types of Bitumen and is equipped with an advanced laboratory unit to ensure quality and consistency of its products.

BAM GUM AYEGH's policy is baseed quality and customer satisfaction and has achieved its goal by obtaining ISO 9001, CE, ISQI and many international and national certificates and awards since establishment of company.