Spunbond Applications

1-Waterproofing and Acoustics
2-Sanitary and cellulose industries
3-Packaging industries
4-Automotive industries
5-Cover, purse, briefcase and shoes, clothing, furniture and carpet covers, and the like
6-Miscellaneous industries (laminate and various textiles, synthetic leather, internal parts of bed, under layers of carpets)


Spunbond Application in Water proofing Industries

The nonwoven Spunbond polyester is a product produced employing the world state-of-the art technology called Spunbond and is used as a strong basis with high tensile strength in the water proofing bitumen sheets. Today, the former method of tissue and regular polyester is totally abandoned in the US and Canada due to environmental problems and low tensile strength, being substitutes by Spunbond as strongest engineered materials for water proofing bitumen sheets so far known, that prolongs useful lifetime of the products many folds.


Advantages of PET Spunbonds in WPBS

1-Resistant to water and solvents
2-High temperature resistivity preventing the product’s deformation
3-Different from the PP Spunbond, the PET Spunbond is resistant to Gamma Ray
4-Flexibilityat low temperatures
5-Exceptional resistance to tensile stress (Lengthwise and widthwise)
6-High resistance to tearing (Lengthwise and widthwise)
7-High strength against fatigue and aging
8- High resistance to exfoliation
9- High resistance to piercing
10- High resistance to strokes
11- High resistance to chemicals
12-High adhesion to pitch