Water Proofing Bitumen Sheets (Here referred to as WPBS) are the best industrial outcome in the area of water proofing ever attained by scientific and technological advancement. These products enable us to prevent the adverse effects of rain and snow water penetration into structures from their foundation up to roof. Employing different polymers and synthetic fibers, WPBS pass through well equipped labs to be amended for attaining resistance against, high and low temperatures, tearing, tension, and penetration of water

Bam Gum Ayegh Water Proofing Bitumen Sheets

In addition to low weight and resistance against cold, heat, expansion and contraction, Bam Gum Ayegh WPBS show high endurance being produced in two aluminum-covered and polyethylene film-covered versions. There two types of base products: single layered (nonwoven Spunbond polyester), and double layered (stringed fiber gloss tissue and 110 gr polyester) giving the product higher tensile strength against vibrations of the structure. WPBS is used in water proofing of roofs, water canals, foundation of tunnels, dams, pools, sloped surfaces, and the like. 


Factors affecting the quality of the final products BAM GUM AYEGH as follows:

1-Using quality raw materials, This industrial group BAM GUM AYEGH through the use of standard MIL-STD-105E for sampling، Evaluation of contractors (SQL) monitoring and control is implemented using the system ISO9001-2000.
2-The use of advanced machinery and fully automatic.
3- The use of skilled and experienced personnel in all stages of the production process.
4-Use modern methods to emulate the standards of the leading countries in this industry(UNI Italy - DIN Germany -ASTM America)
5- Scientific and very precise control and inspection systems using advanced statistical control (SQC) Laboratory quality control systems BAM GUM AYEGH as a reference, Standard center is approved.
6- Very scientific Unit  R&D

All of these products has caused the industry group of 10-year warranty and in any weather conditions, anywhere in the world to be included.