The nonwoven Spunbond polyester is a product produced employing the world state-of-the art technology under particular mechanical, thermal and chemical conditions. The low weight spunbond is known as one of strongest and most flexible engineering materials, produced in the recent decade in and its application has been remarkable in the advanced countries. Spunbond is designed and produced in disposable form (with low density for medical, sanitary and cellulose industries uses) and durable form (with high density for automotive, water proofing, and packaging industries).

For the first time in the Middle East, the Spunbond production line has been purchased from Germany by Bam Gum Ayegh Co.

Regarding the present conditions and the national and international market needs, Bam Gum Ayegh Co. deems itself bound to the international standards, therefore, observing the ASTM Ref. No.  5726, it has attained and even competes with the product quality of the advanced countries.